Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Corporate Image

Managing corporate image is a serious business. It is to make public percieve a company, as the managment want. Some business executives think that corporate image as imagery creation of some smart snoozy word-smiths, whose business is to concoct concepts for ultimate aim to generate advertising revenue. 

Good corporate image is considered, by enlightened businessmen, as focussed communication to clear cobwebs in people's mind about the company. Company tries to clear the mis-information and mis-conceptions through clear and crisp communication. 

Heads and hearts of people have to be cleared and made focused towards the company. The corporate communication department of any organisation need to work on a central thematic idea to project a good positive image of the company. This work is also carried out by PR department of any orgnanization. Tata was the first company in India to realise the importance of good image developemnt and thus opened an in-house PR department in 1945. 

Image is a mental perception. Even when someone has a fairly good idea about this perception, it is often quite hard to define it. Brand loyalty is created with good image. Several bits and pieces of information, stories, events and flash of visuals and symbols, make up for that perception. 

Human mind keep storing information and a structured perception or opinion keeps building up to finally emerge as edifice either well painted and spruced up or a weather beaten up, waiting to be done up. Company should take care of itself to build up a good reputation. 

Business world is full of conflicts of interests, diverse opinions and ideologies. Whole world of communication is centered to grab attention. Company should formulate a communication plan to seek attention. Well nurtured and established images have stood many companies in good stead, and come to their rescue in turbulent times. E.g. Vodafone (battery faliure), Cadbury (when insects were found in some choclates), Coke & Pepsi (pestcides issue) etc

In tough times, when going gets rough, one sure source to fall back upon is good corporate image. Professionally managed companies world-wide have experienced that image managment is not a one day wonder, but the process has to sustained over long periods.