Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tips to develop soft skills

For running any kind of business, one need to hone his/her presentation skills. As the famous saying goes "You never get a second chance to create first good impression". Following are the points to be kept in mind:

  • Consider yourself as brand. Every brand needs promotion
  • Maintain an eye-contact while talking to someone. Develop positive attitude towards life
  • Don't walk slow. Learn to walk briskly. People who walk briskly project that they are going with the purpose
  • Don't put you hands in pockets while talking to someone. Don't stand with hands folded
  • Sense of purpose should get projected when talking/meeting with people/client  
  • Be professional in your dressing
  • Project a promise of prosperity when making a presentation. Promise should be made visible to the client
  • Language - impactful words should be used
  • How you deliver and what you deliver are most important things 
  • Select right words to communicate. For that you need to have a good vocabulary
  • Always keep smiling. Smile at others and laugh at yourself. Laugh with others. When you are selling something, start with a smile
  • Listen - Never project that you are disoriented. If you will listen attentively, you will make friends easily. Ears,face, mind and soul - create an impact that you are listening
  • Listen to others with eye-contact. If you are attentive in listening, you will always be able to make out what people are saying and what they want to convey
  • Be alert to environment and details. Whenever visit anyone's office, don't be absorbed in your thoughts. Look around and you will get number of clues about the person and organisation
  • Look around the table of the person with whom you are having chat
  • Always keep a 'plan B' or 'contingency plan' at time of meeting or presentation. Time management is must    
  • It is said that the most efficient manager is the one whose table is clear
  • First three sentences in presentation makes a lot of difference
  • Never apologize in the beginning before making a speech or presentation. Understand the perception, expectation and aspiration of your audience
  • Relevant jokes should be kept in mind to create a positive impact or to lighten up the environment - they should be related to content 
  • Be confident. Confidence comes from doing. Have courage to say "sorry"
  • Project reliability though your behavior. In business presentations, selling reliability is must
  • Show tolerance, never argue. Discussions make friends, arguments make enemies. Find means and ways to avoid confrontations
  •  Watch Mannerisms - Bodily gestures, expressions should be positive. Negative mannerisms shift the focus of your audience from content to body gestures/movements
  • When giving presentations, don't overdress or under dress 
  • Make it a joy for people to do business with you. People love to buy but hate to be sold
  • Make it a win-win situation for your customer/target audience
  • Get in step with the customer. Make him part of the act. Always involve the customer
  • Always keep your eyes and ears open. Act smart when necessary
  • Introduction and end should be very powerful in any kind of presentation/speech
In 1898 at Congress of Religion, Swami Vivekanand was not invited. He had to finish his presentation within 5 minutes, but he was made to continue till 45 minutes, because of his positive personality and spoken skills.